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1st 2nd 3rd 4th Uride Recruitment 2 The team reaches out to the candidate and helps them with their onboarding journey. You Submit a refer 1 They start driving with Uride 3 They hit the milestone 4 You get rewarded!

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1. You’ll be eligible for the refer bonus, when they meet the qualifying criteria.

2. The timeline is strictly 30 days FROM the day of activation.

3. Trips will be counted only if they are completed successfully.

4. Refer Payout will happen in the next week of the following month, from the date of qualification.

5. No existing candidates would be considered for refer.

6. Zero Fraud Tolerance Policy: Engagement in any fraudulent activity would result into immediate  disqualification from the campaign.

7. Uride reserves the right to alter the Referral Scheme at any point in time.