Become A Uride Driver

This job is more than just being a driver!
Your schedule, your earnings, your vehicle.

We’re here to support you while you support our local economy. Every ride makes an impact because we’re all striving towards one goal; to end impaired driving!

*If you have any questions about becoming a Uride driver or questions about the application process, please call (705) 805-9242 and we’d be happy to help.

Why Should You be a Uride Driver?

Because we’re anticipating that the rest of the year will break records in ridesharing history. COVID restrictions are being lifted so the Uride demand is higher than ever before.

What’s in it for you? Uride is offering driver promotions across several cities and is even doing driver giveaways every Friday such as gas cards and free groceries.

Our History

Uride was founded upon the prevention of drunk driving; we believe that everyone deserves a fun night out and a safe ride home.

We also see the importance of helping our community by supporting different charities and doing good deeds. At Uride, we’ve helped the below charities and are committed to growing that list!

  • Humane Society
  • Shelter Houses across Canada
  • Donated free groceries and free gas
  • Rainbow Collective of Thunder Bay
  • Indigenous Friendship Centers across Ontario

The Opportunities are Endless

Make an impact with every ride you take as we strive towards a sustainable future for our cities, through our transportation solutions. As a rider, you get real time feedback on the positive impact you make using our app. As a driver, you earn more by driving in uncharted cities of Canada.


Drive On Your Own Time

Enough said! Decide when and how often you want to drive. Our driving tools will help guide you through high traffic areas.


Reliable Earnings

Whether this is a side job or not, you will receive weekly payments and be part of a loyalty program that will better your experience. You earn 100% of your tips!


We’re Here for You

No matter what, we have your back with our 24/7 customer support and driver help centre.


COVID Protection

Drivers and passengers both wear masks. Passengers only sit in the back seat. Any passengers or drivers who have symptoms of COVID-19 are not allowed to ride

How it works

Solution STEP 1 Open the app and turn on driver mode. Solution STEP 2 Accept a ride request. Solution STEP 3 Pick up your passenger. Solution STEP 4 Once the ride ends, the app processes pay from the passenger’s saved credit card. How Uride Driving Works How Uride Driving

Driver Requirements

  • Age
    Saskatchewan – 21 years or more
    Ontario – 25 years or more
  • No criminal record
  • A Smartphone compatible with the URide iOS or Android app
  • A full class G license

Vehicle Requirements

  • A relatively clean driving record (6 Demerit Points or fewer)
  • Must own a vehicle that can pass a safety test:
    Saskatchewan – 2010 model year or newer
    Ontario – 2011 model year or newer
  • Personal insurance to drive said vehicle

Documents Requirement

  • A valid driver's license (private or commercial)
  • Proof of Vehicle Ownership ( Permit/ Sale Invoice if Age of Vehicle <6 months old )
  • Work Eligibility in Canada ( Birth Certificate / Passport / PR )
  • Insurance ( Personal Vehicle Insurance )

Want to Drive with Uride?

Frequently Asked Questions

Uride operates in several cities across Canada. Check out the list here. Don’t see your city? Think the service is a good fit for your community? Reach out to our support team at [email protected] and start a conversation.

Requirements to drive may change from province to province and city to city. Check the landing page for driver applications for your city! 

In general, the vehicle must be able to pass a Safety check. This may vary from province to province. Most provinces’ requirements state the vehicle model must not be older than 10 years. Further in depth requirements can be found on your city’s landing page, or by creating an application and speaking to our recruitment team!

Our recruitment team will collect all your documents including pictures of the vehicle to keep on hand, securely stored on our servers. We also run a background check and request driver abstracts on behalf of the driver!

Safety remains at the core of Uride’s operations. Originally created as a solution to impaired driving in Thunder Bay, Uride maintains that same goal within our overall goal of providing quick, reliable and affordable transportation to all markets. We have a zero tolerance policy for illegal activity on the platform. We aim to rewrite the narrative around ridesharing. We are part of the community, serving the community.

In order to drive, you do need your own car.

This may vary depending on several variables. How long you take to submit photo documents (Insurance, ownership, odometer etc) and then each city has licencing requirements as well. Generally, we’re able to get drivers on the road within 3-5 business days.

Yes! Uride never takes any of your hard-earned tips.

This depends on how much you wish to drive! You can earn as much as you want, with an average of $25/hr for drivers. Payments are sent weekly, through the Plooto platform. Deposits are generally made on Thursdays.

You can always contact us via [email protected] which is monitored 24/7.

If you have a social and outgoing personality, you’ll enjoy meeting new riders and exploring the city. Uride is a platform that allows you to connect with people from all over. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover your next favourite artist or restaurant that you’ve never heard of before.

If you’re more of an introvert, no worries! This is actually a good thing because you’re in control of the conversation. This job also allows you to have downtime. You’ll get your much needed alone time when cruising through the city between pickups.

If you’re on CERB, you can still make up to $1,000 and not lose your benefits. It’s a win-win!